All South East Asia Countries:-

  • Brunei Darussalam

  • Cambodia

  • East Timor

  • Indonesia

  • Laos 



  • SEA TOUR 2018 is open to players who hold the Nationality of Southeast Asia Countries

  • Players who are non-Southeast Asia nationality are NOT ELIGIBLE to take part.

Additional Conditions for【Hosting Countries】

  • Citizens of the hosting countries must be DARTSLIVE Official League players of the current year.

  • Malaysia (Hosting Country)

  • Myanmar

  • Philippines

  • Singapore (Hosting Country)

  • Thailand

  • Vietnam



  • SGD 70 per STAGE



Priority to secure* entry for each stage.
40% off total entry for all stages.
Application to be submitted via website.

  • SGD 210 for 5 STAGES
    (There will be no refunds for unattended stages) 


      *Entry will only be secured upon confirmation of attendance.


  • Submit your entry via online form on SEA TOUR Official website 

  • Payment instruction will be sent to your email upon acceptance of entry

  • Entry is confirmed and completed after payment is made and when confirmation email is received



All players must complete the Pre-Tournament SHOOT OUT.


Players round robin allocation is based on the SHOOT OUT (2 times) score.

Players who fail to attend the pre-tournament will not be able to participate in the tournament. 

Time slot(s) will be announced in each STAGE'S information. 


*If SHOOT OUT score is tied, the tied position will play 1 round of SHOOT OUT to determine the position.




*Alternate Start Rule

*01 Rule: Open In/Master Out




*Alternate Start Rule

*01 Rule: Open In/Master Out


701 - 15 Round Limit


Based on the results of the Round Robin, Top 2 of each round robin advance to the final tournament. (3-4 Players in Group = Top 2; 5 Players in Group = Top 3)

The ranking for the round robin will be determined based on the following factors and result:

(1) No. of winnings (No. of winning matches)
(2) No. of LEGs won
(3) No. of LEGs lost
(4) The result of the direct confrontation


If 3 or more players are tied on (1)-(4), each player will play a SHOOT OUT. The winner of the SHOOT OUT will proceed to the final tournament.






  • Points from STAGE 1 to STAGE 5 will be accumulated according to the SEA TOUR point system 

  • Players will be ranked by Country Annual Ranking and SEA Annual Ranking 

  • Points will be awarded based on the achievement in each STAGE 

  • Points will be distributed as in the table below 

If there are Players with the same ANNUAL RANKING, the following rules will be applied in order:


1. Player with more winnings

2. Player with higher ranking

3. Player with more participation

4. Player with highest score in SHOOTOUT (STAGE 1 - STAGE 5)


  • Players will be ranked by Countries according to points accumulated in SEA TOUR STAGES 

  • Top ranked players in COUNTRY ANNUAL RANKING will be used for National Team Selection, where applicable 


  • Players will be ranked by Countries according to points accumulated in SEA TOUR STAGES 

  • Top ranked players in SEA TOUR ANNUAL RANKING will qualify for GRAND FINAL​


Please follow the dress codes below for the tournament:

  • Attire refers to all shirts, pants, trousers and shoes.​​

  • Shirt needs to have a collar and sleeves. No damaged and ragged shirts are allowed.

  • Pants needs to be ankle-length, dress pants are recommended. Please make sure your choice of clothing is clean and presentable.

  • Players are allowed to wear leather shoes or sports shoes. (Wearing sandals, slippers, long boots and open toe shoes at the event is not allowed)

  • Wearing a headwear such as hat or cap during the event is NOT permitted. However, if a player needs to wear a headwear for religious and/or other reasons, please obtain a prior approval from DARTSLIVE SINGAPORE.

  • No earphones during any match.​

  • Logos of competing darts machine companies and their associated brands are not allowed. 

  • DARTSLIVE SINGAPORE has the right to judge the appropriateness of player's attire. 

  • If a player's attire is judged inappropriate, he or she will be given a grace period of 15 mins to change (game walkover, if any, is still applicable), failing which he or she will be unable to participate in the tournament.

  • Players will receive a DARTSLIVE SOUTH-EAST ASIA TOUR 2018 official badge at the entry desk on their first day of participation in this event. 

  • The badge must be affixed in the position as indicated upon checking in. Upper left side of the Jersey or Shirt.

Official badge must be placed or print on left chest.


  • Organiser has the right to judge the appropriateness of logo uses.

  • Sponsor logos are all logos and names (such as tags) on the outfit including uniforms, armbands and supporters. The above rule apply to names of individuals, teams, cards and shops with official darts machines installed in the shop.

  • Only logos of SOUTH EAST ASIA TOUR 2018 SPONSOR* are acceptable as Sponsor logo.

  • Other than the logos of SOUTH EAST ASIA TOUR 2018 SPONSOR* and pre-registered logos of the shops that runs other commercial businesses (e.g DARTSLIVE Dealers and outlets) and DARTSLIVE Official event/tournament logos, all other logos will be covered up by the colored tape.

The following types of ad placements are unacceptable:

  1. ​Names and logos of any dart machine and dart board manufacturers other than the official dart machine manufacturers

  2. Anything with copyright violation

  3. Anything antisocial 

  4. Anything considered to be offensive to public order and morals

  5. URLs and 2-dimensional bar codes (Except for the ones of OFFICIAL MAIN SPONSOR and OFFICIAL SPONSOR)

  6. Anything the Organiser has judged as inappropriate for the tournament

  • Please make sure to consult with the Organiser prior to the event if you need more information regarding the uniform logo.


  • Usage of SEA TOUR 2018 DARTSLIVE CARD and wearing an official badge is mandatory during the Round Robin and SKO Tournament.

  • In case of loss or damage of DARTSLIVE CARD or official badge, a new one must be purchased.

  • SEA TOUR 2018 DARTSLIVE CARD: SGD $ 50 / MYR 150

  • SEA TOUR 2018 official badge: SGD $ 20 / MYR 60

  • SEA TOUR 2018 DARTSLIVE CARD may not be sold or transferred to any third party.

  • Players who violate this rule will be disqualified from playing in the tournament.


Players who do not participate in the event after completing the tournament sign-up has to pay a penalty equivalent to the entry fee on their next participation in this event.

Players who engage in any of the following acts without due reasons will be suspended for one year from taking part in SEA TOUR.

  • Abandoning matches and walking off from the venue without any notification after the commencement of the tournament.

  • Playing darts while intoxicated, intentionally delaying the game and engaging in any other acts that are disturbing to the operations of the event.

  • Committing any other acts against public order and morals and/or acts that lack the sense of sportsmanship.


Players who engage in the acts listed below will be subject to the revocation of their participation in SOUTH EAST ASIA TOUR and other events hosted by Organiser permanently and/or their entitlement to the prize money.

  • Using false ID (including passport and any other ID) or ID of a person other than the player himself/herself.

  • Playing dishonestly and fraudulently to each other. Playing fixed games.

  • Becoming liable to criminal charges during the tournament participation periods.

  • Using abusive language during matches, slandering and defaming others, committing violent acts and/or making false reports during the tournament.

  • If a violation of the RULES is not corrected within a reasonable period of time stated in the violation notice.


  • Players grant Organiser the right to use their names, stage names, profiles, portraits, pictures, movies and any other audio visual items.

  • Organiser has the right to ask players to attend the photo sessions and interviews, and the players agree to accept such requests.

  • Organiser reserves the right not to offer prize money or the right to reject the participation if players do not follow the tournament rules and/or not conduct required acts.

  • Organiser has the right to remove or refuse any players who are found to be impediments to the event or event progress from participating in the tournament.

  • Organiser reserves the right to reject the entry of any player who has caused or may cause unjust harm to Organiser, Tournament sponsors or the related parties.

  • Players who are participating in this event grant absolute right to Organiser to use pictures and video images filmed during the event for advertising and commercial purposes without limitations on time period, place and/or methods.

  • Organiser authorizes individuals to download the pictures and video images filmed during the event by Organiser for personal use only.

  • Commercial use of these images are prohibited.

  • Those players who compete in this tournament are deemed to have agreed to the aforementioned Organiser rights.

  • Valid photo identification showing your name and date of birth (e.g. Passport / IC Card) is required for registration and payment of prize money.


The event guidelines will be updated whenever necessary and the contents in these guidelines constitute the RULES and will be used as the official rules of this tournament.


**In accordance with the purport of the event, we may decline the participation of the people who are related to dart machine makers other than the tournament operator.

For any other rule not mentioned above, this tournament adopts the DARTSLIVE SINGAPORE League & Tournament Rules where applicable.



January 2019

The Place @ One City - The Grand Ballroom

(The Place @ One City, Rooftop Level R E11, One City, 47100 Subang Jaya, Selangor)


Prize Money: SGD 10,300


Eligibility Requirements

• Annual Ranking No.1-8 players

• Annual Ranking No.9-64 players will compete in the WILD CARD TOURNAMENT, which will be held on the day before the GRAND FINALS.

   TOP 8 players of the tournament will be able to participate in the GRAND FINALS.

• GRAND FINAL will be played by total 16 players.

• Players whom have participated in at least 2 STAGES of SEA TOUR.

* Further details will be announced later.