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SEA TOUR is a Premier darts tournament created to find the best soft tip darts player in the South-East Asia (S.E.A.) Region.

It aims to provide the highest platform to showcase the skill, passion and tenacity of top darters among the 600 million people of South East Asia, as well as to increase the standing, visibility and popularity of the most engaging sports of darts.

As the game of soft tip darts in this part of the world is relatively young, there is a strong need to drive harder to introduce this game to more people. This tournament aims to do that by creating live-wire excitement by showcasing the amazing skills that our best darters possess and the difficult challenges and strong pressures that they will face, while the enthusiastic audience can follow, interact and create buzz on social media.

It is hoped that this tournament can create plenty of opportunities for darters in this region to interact, exchange ideas, encourage each other and build strong bridges of friendship across this region with its varied cultures, languages and traditions.

Join us in SEA TOUR to determine the strongest player in South East Asia.

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